Lawn Replacement

Replacing your Lawn

Eliminating a major expense, such as maintaining and watering a lawn, is a unique opportunity that literally pays for itself. Rising costs of watering your lawn and fueling lawn maintenance equipment make it difficult to keep your lawn looking its best. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of all the benefits Blades of Glory has to offer. You will save money on your maintenance costs and you may even get money back from your local water authority. All this while providing beautiful, earth-friendly landscape solution to help you do your part for the environment.

No matter how you look at it, keeping a healthy lawn costs you money and time. For example, watering your lawn makes up approximately 70% of your water bill each month. Fertilizers keep the grass green but not the inner pocket of your wallet. Lawn maintenance services are convenient but certainly not cheap. If you don't have a service then you lose your free time on the weekends, pay high fuel prices and maintain expensive lawn equipment.

Green with Envy

Unlimited Uses

— For kids, for pets, for looks, for anything.

Curb Appeal

— Be that house on your block with your "always green" front yard

Save Water

— Be water wise during the extended California drought.

Healthy Environment

— Free of pests such as fleas and ticks, helping prevent the spread of disease.